Due to COVID-19 North Fourth Art Center will be closed until further notice.

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Mosaic Images from Doorways to Imagination by Cassandra Reid, City of Albuquerque 1% for Art


North Fourth Art Center


North Fourth Art Center and the Community


The North Fourth Art Center (formerly VSA Arts of New Mexico), 4904 4th NW in Albuquerque, has been closed to the public since March 16, 2020 and will remain so until allowed to reopen by the State of New Mexico. Upon reopening the Center will no longer be part of the State of New Mexico DD Waiver Program so there will be no further Day Arts programming for individuals with disabilities.

However, North Fourth's all-purpose/all-arts center will be available for a variety of partnership and rental activities and purposes with a focus on arts education, creation, and presentation opportunities.

The17,000 square-foot Art Center includes a fully-equipped black box theater; several spacious classrooms; a street-accessible gift shop/exhibit space; a large lobby/gallery; and a self-contained office suite—all for rent at reasonable rates. There is a good-sized parking lot fronting onto 4th Street, near the corner of 4th and Griegos.

In the future North Fourth will be offering a limited array of its own arts activities including classes, exhibits, and co-presentations with New Mexico arts groups as well. For now though, we are especially interested in seeking partnerships and rentals in order to afford keeping the Center open for the benefit of the entire community.

We feel that it is important to reach out at this time to let everyone know that North Fourth volunteers are working hard to spruce up interior and exterior spaces and prepare for a long-awaited reopening whenever the virus allows that to happen!

Please contact Marjorie Neset ( or Shannon Flynn ( for further information.


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Need a space for classes, meetings, rehearsals, or parties?

We'd like to help. We welcome community members to our facilities for arts and education-related activities. Our rental fees are negotiable. We have six studios and classrooms ranging in size from 20' x 13' to 30' x 30'. All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and available for community use. We are an ever-expanding resource for the community! Contact us today! 505-345-2872 ext. 26