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N4th Gallery

INROADS: 4 North Fourth Artists

September 29 – December 31, 2017*
ARTScrawl Reception:
Friday November 3, 5-6:30pm

*(N4th Gallery is closed Dec 25-26)

Exhibition of artwork by Sammy Maldonado, Jessica Pinto, Ischelle Thomas and Chris Turrietta, four artists creating work at North Fourth Art Center who have taken on the domain of the gallery to make it their own.

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N4th Theater

SHIFT | DANCE presents


Main Stage Performances
October 19–21, 2017
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Second annual contemporary dance festival with invited national artists. Oct 19: S. Paola Lopez R. (TX); Oct 20: AGA Collaborative (NM/NC); Oct 21: SHIFT|DANCE+ Erika Pujic (NM/NY)

Indiv Tickets: $20 General; $15 UNM Theatre & Dance; $10 Youth 17 yrs & under; Festival Pass: 15% discount for all 3 nights
Tickets on Sale Now
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VSA in the Community

Sampler: Advanced Painting & Drawing exhibit at Los Griegos Library

October 10 – November 30, 2017

Los Griegos Library
1000 Griegos Rd NW, Albq 87107
Tue, Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm; Wed: 11am-7pm; Thur: 10am-7pm; Closed Sun & Mon

A sampling of artwork by the many talents artists taking advanced painting & drawing at VSA/ North Fourth Art Center

More info: 505-345-2872

Arts Adventures


September 2, 6-9pm

Teen Night: Sept 29 – Nov 10
Saturday Program: Sept 30 – Nov 11
Info: 505-345-2872 x 18

About Arts Adventures

N4th Newsletter

January-July 2015 Newsletter

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VSA Artists Dooley Penfold and Sarah Wilson show their certificates of achievement for completing Drawing I

VSA Artists Dooley Penfold and Sarah Wilson show their certificates of achievement for completing Drawing I

Taking Drawing I at UNM

UNM-VSA Alliance in Art

In Spring 2016, an advanced art student from VSA named Dooley Penfold joined a class of students taking Drawing 1 at the UNM College of Fine Arts. The following spring, Sarah Wilson, another accomplished VSA Artist, began a Drawing 1 class at UNM.

Dooley and Sarah both completed the 16-week introductory class, achieving their personal goals and strengthening an exciting alliance taking shape between the UNM Art Department and VSA arts of New Mexico.

The UNM-VSA alliance developed over several years and began with teachers connecting their students to the community through visits, practicums, projects and workshops for such diverse areas of study as occupational therapy, education specialties, printmaking and lithography.

To further explore a partnership, a group of UNM administrators and professors from the Art Department and the Department of Art Education met with VSA administrative directors and artist-teachers at North Fourth Art Center. The goal was to enhance the experience of UNM and VSA students studying art through shared learning and engagement.

The Drawing 1 class offered a good fit for scheduling and for students interested in a deeper understanding of what it is to make a drawing. The course covers basic drawing concepts and includes assignments such as still life, landscape and figure drawing. The college course also includes instruction in how to give an oral critique, write a visual analysis of artwork and prepare for midterm and final portfolio reviews.

To highlight the work of Drawing 1 students and an important community connection, VSA /North Fourth Art Center presented “Drawing One Together: UNM-VSA Alliance in Art which was on view in N4th Gallery from March 31 to June 18, 2017.

VSA TODAY (clockwise from left): Mark Jones; Joe Martinez; Sarah Wilson; (group shot left to right) Cat Rael, Christina Caraveo, Aimee Lawrence, Annette Garcia, Sarah Wilson, Diana Phillips, & Ruth Staring

Artist Reporters from the Newsletter Class (clockwise from left): Mark Jones, Sarah Wilson, Joe Martinez; (group left to right) Cat Rael, Christina Caraveo, Aimee Lawrence, Annette Garcia, Sarah Wilson, Diana Phillips, & Ruth Staring


The Newsletter Blog of N4th

Launched last fall as a group project of the newsletter class, VSA TODAY has become an ongoing publication and a popular class offering in the Day Arts Program.

Described on the site as a collaborative effort among artist reporters to be their own storytellers, the blog lives up to its description. With content that is current and connected to their interests, the class writes about VSA artwork and performances, their interests in the entertainment industry and what’s going on in the community.

In the current trimester, the newsletter class is scheduled all day every Wednesday. With guidance from VSA artist-teachers Margaret Govoni and Ciomara Franco, the class updates the blog and writes new articles, many of which are written as a group and some as individual projects. Topics are suggested and selected as a group, the editing and posting of articles as well.

Working together on their writing and computer skills, everyone is rewarded with the instant gratification of seeing the results of their efforts on the large classroom monitor.

Whitney Jones, who started the class last fall, likes the immediacy of a blog, making it newsworthy and not as limited by issues of space or printing as a paper newsletter.  “VSA TODAY is a living, working document,” she explains, “and a way for the artist reporters to advocate for themselves.”

Readers can keep up with N4th news via


Need a space for classes, meetings, rehearsals, or parties?

We'd like to help. We welcome community members to our facilities for arts and education-related activities. Our rental fees are negotiable. We have six studios and classrooms ranging in size from 20' x 13' to 30' x 30'. All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and available for community use. We are an ever-expanding resource for the community! Contact us today! 505-345-2872 ext. 26