Expressive exploration is at the heart of the Outreach Program, as members of VSA reach out across the Albuquerque region to teach and mentor participants from all walks of life.


VSA’s Outreach programs celebrate creativity, diversity and freedom of expression.  VSA Outreach supports and encourages the inclusion and contributions of traditionally underrepresented individuals in community cultural life.

Currently, members of the VSA Outreach team are working with young adults with disabilities in Albuquerque Public Schools Transitional programs; Native American youth at a local charter school,  refugee youth trying to learn a new culture and make a new life;  individuals with developmental disabilities and seniors with Alzheimer’s in sites around greater Albuquerque.

For more information about VSA’s Outreach programs please contact VSA at (505) 345-2872.



Expressions is an ongoing art class for adults with mental health issues offered on Thursday afternoons at VSA North Fourth Art Center.  Participants in the program range from those who are new to art-making to professional artists. Expressions serves as a welcoming place to explore a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, assemblage, bookmaking and clay.

Share Your Care

VSA members travel to area Share Your Care sites, to work with seniors and individuals with disabilities. Participants express themselves with collage, watercolors, and clay, while passing along stories of their unique and significant lives to the group. In addition to visual arts, VSA staff lead performing arts activities, live music and singing.