Sarah Boes

three human calves and feet (two right and one left) with with toes displaying polished toenails make imprints in rippling sand.

“I imagine photographs as porticos — places for people to stand, see and share images. Standing at a portico, one may see into another's singular vision. For me, this sharing offers such gifts as reflection, contemplation, speculation and remembrances. A warning: the view from here also often sparks a contagious smile, goofy laughter or sudden sadness. I find it wonderful that images have this charm of stirring up both thought and emotion. I also love the way photography catches its subjects in singular webs of time and space. It's fun to view these webs and to imagine when, where, how and why they were taken.”

A statue of a squatting child or nymph can be spotted among the rocks and plants in this garden. An unusual wavy blue green stripe runs down the right side of the photograph. In a tight closeup, we see the oval paddles of the prickly pear cactus and the buttons from which the needles usually protrude, but this cactus does not appear prickly. because of the canted camera angle, we experience the street askew, as covered sidewalk and pillars appear to diminish in size toward a vanishing point on the horizon.

“Photography is a footpath for me to share my vision of what I find waiting for me in singular webs of space and time. It's a way to communicate my understanding of what it is in the world that I love and want to keep in memory.”

— Sarah Boes

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