Raymond Grossetete

In this bright four color (yellow, red, blue and green) silkscreen, negative space, the white area where no ink has been applied, helps define borders and shapes. A layer of yellow ink has been applied with a squeegee through the screen to create a free form rectangular background. The outer edges and central areas of this screen have been blocked, creating the white border, the white shapes of a bird with outstretched wings and a pumpkin shaped clown head and leaving room for the addition of color to a pair of truncated arms and hands and a conical fez style hat, atop which the bird is perched. A layer of red ink has been applied to the arm-hand appendages, an elongated rectangle that resembles a tassle dangling from the hat, and the bird's beak and three small squarish markings (one on each wing and one on the tail). Horizontal ink stripes in darker, lighter and then darker shades of blue were squeegeed through the a screen to create the gradiated coloring of the hat, which is darker on the top and bottom and lighter in the middle. Finally, the clown's facial features, two oval eyes with exagerated corner lashes, two circular nostril hole and cheeks, and ten square teeth (five on top, five on the bottom) are rendered in green, which may have been the product of layering blue ink over yellow.

Raymond combines working at Adelante with his interest in making art at VSA's North Fourth Art Center. He particularly enjoys the silkscreen medium and has created several prints. Clown is his newest work. When asked to comment on his work, Raymond says he likes it pretty fine.

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