Angelica Harrison

Five large flowers, surrounded by small peripheral flowers, dominate this impressionistic composition. The most centrally located flower has a large, tilted, oval greenish yellow center, flecked with oblongated white dots and surrounded by smaller rectangular petals, that have deep blue centers and rusty red side stripes and outlined in greenish yellow. The four other flowers that are positioned around the central flower are located clockwise at roughly 1:00, 5:00, 7:30 and 10:00. The 1:00 flower is shaped like pursed lips with huge red center, dotted with white and surrounded by tiny yellow and purple rectangular petals, outlined in yellow. The 5:00 flower is only about half the size of the 1:00 flower and partially obscured by the central flower. It has a blue oval, white dotted center and yellow rectangular petals striped with brown and outlined with black and yellow.The 7:30 flower is larger and has a black oval center with round white dots and brown petals, heavily striped with black and out lined with white. The 10:00 flower is one of the largest, its red oval center is dotted with white and its pink rectangular petals contain blue rectangles with more pink rectangles inside. This flower is outlined in white.

With small skillful hands, intense concentration, and serious intent, Angelica carefully lays down the complex design and color scheme that flows throughout her work. Not only is Angelica a serious artist but a comedian as well, with a great sense of humor and a passion to make others laugh. What does Angelica have to say about her work? So what, horse nut. Angelica was born in 1977 with Downs Syndrome. Her adoptive mother Asiyah has been caring for Angelica since she was born. Angelica graduated from Manzano High School in 1996.

From 1996 to 1998, Angelica attended a Community Transition Program in Salem, Oregon. She returned to New Mexico with her family and was accepted into VSA's Studio Arts program in 2001. From the very start Angelica showed an intense passion for the arts. Angelica is very assertively independent. Her stature is small but her creative ability is huge.

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