George Mendoza

Far Away Eyes

A man of courage and vision, George Mendoza seems invincible even though he has lost his sight at the age of 15. He has gone on to become a world-class runner, Olympic contender, author, painter and a motivational speaker for the youth and the disabled in America.

“This painting (on his website splash page) is sort of my inspirational image. What color is the Wind? I was fifteen, and a little girl named Debbie who was born blind, who had never seen the color green or the shape of a tree, asked me a question after the wind blew through her long brown hair.”

Can you tell me, what color is the wind? That question just blew my mind because I was just losing my sight then. She woke up my creative sense by asking me that question.”

Mr. Mendoza has written an autobiographical screenplay, The George Mendoza Story, a one-hour docudrama, which was aired on the public broadcasting system (PBS), hosted and narrated by academy award winning actor, Robert Duvall. A biography about Mr. Mendoza entitled Running Toward the Light, has been written by best selling author William J. Buchanan, and will soon be made into a major motion picture.

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