Callian Meran

Red Lotus

Callian Meran works primarily in watercolor and India ink on artist's paper. Her use of woven strips of painted Braille paper on greeting cards and some larger works results in a wonderfully unique texture and depth. For a long time, Callian says, I just painted swatches of color as a way of discharging feelings. Later, as I began to gain energy, I started drawing flowers and cacti. One day I added a shell to my drawing and something inside me shifted. I knew then I was going to be an artist.

Callian, who worked for many years as a preschool teacher before moving to Santa Fe, says, My paintings are light, playful and colorful. Playfulness has always been central to my life's journey, even when addressing the soul's dark side.

Dark is not the descriptive adjective that comes to mind when viewing Callian's colorful, joyous and, sometimes, whimsical work.

Callian came to Santa Fe in 1990, seeking clean air and a place to heal. Her working studio is a favorite stop on the San Marcos Studio Tour. Her work has been shown at the Oñate Center, Española, NM; El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, NM; and VSA's North Fourth Art Center exhibits.

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