Geraldine Mlynek

Minimal 5-A

“I believe that looking or listening to artwork, whether it be painting, sculpture, music or literature, is more than a visual or auditory dialogue. It is relating with the work, taking you out of the world of aloneness because you know someone was there creating the work. You get enveloped by another consciousness.

“The older I get the more I slow down, having more time to trust my intuition and follow my instincts as said by the late Raymond Jonson. This is not as easy as it sounds.”

“I believe that Truth plus Integration equals Reality

“Time passes with every blink of the eye…

“…as do roots grow to provide support…

“…from the ancient past till today…

“…so my work progresses…

“I was first introduced to VSA arts of New Mexico in 1988. The name then was Very Special Arts. At that time my disability was a mental one that was being treated by psychiatrists.

“Today my mental problems no longer need medication. But now, at age 73, I'm dealing with osteo-arthritis in the lower back. Now it is spreading to my hips, etc. My activities are dictated by the illness. The output of my artwork has slowed down but I will not let it stop.”

— Geraldine Mlynek

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