Ben Wozniak

“What motivates my artistic expression is that my art is being seen. Previously, I did installation Art Work, which is art that one experiences in its environment. However, my art is now focused on Abstract Design and careful color selection. I hope that these designs remind you of a pleasant memory.

Leaves Fins 5 Buds Balloons Worlds Windows

“I have lived in Albuquerque almost all my life, except to go away to Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. I graduated with Honers in Mechanical Engineering and Fine Arts.”

“Since then, I have been creating artwork in the mediums of colored pencil, felt tip marker and oil paints. I sold my first work of art when I was 8 years old. Most recently, I had a solo art show at Transitional Living Services. Before that, I had a multi-person art show nine years ago at the Easton State Gallery.”

— Ben Wozniak

Spoken Word Artists

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