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Global DanceFest 2009
LATITUDES NORTH represents the Scandinavian north with dance-theater artists from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Greenland.

These artists live and make their work in a world of forests, mountains, fjords, glaciers, indigenous reindeer herders and blonde blue-eyed farmers. They also make their art in an urban world of first-rate health care, the best of high tech gadgets, high prices, long dark nights and multi-hued people representing every global culture and all ways of life.

The work you will see during Global DanceFest LATITUDES NORTH is quite unlike typical American dance. While each artist and work is unique there are some common threads: much of the work is multi-media, infused with theatrical devices and with technology. The art is cerebral—but it is braininess imbued with humor, some quite gloomy and some quite slapstick! The artists represent the global shifts and schisms common to every region, a Norwegian-Iranian, Israelis at home in Denmark, Indigenous Greenlanders sharing a contemporary tale.

snow scene

N4th Gallery • Opening Reception February 27, Friday 6-8pm

Norway: Through a Southwestern Lens

Photographer: Joseph Lujan

Lujan, an Albuquerque native, worked as a graphic designer for the City of Albuquerque for 25 years, often incorporating photography into his work. Photography has always been a love and means of expression for him. In the mid 70s he traveled through Mexico and compiled a body of work of his impressions of the land of his ancestors.

Lujan moved to Norway in 2003 with his Norwegian wife and son, living in the Oslo area for 3 years so his views are very up close and personal.

Festival support provided in part by The American-Scandinavian Foundation; Best Western Rio Grande Inn; the City of Albuquerque Urban Enhancement Trust Fund; Hotel Albuquerque; LEF Foundation; McCune Charitable Foundation; National Endowment for the Arts; New Mexico Tourism Department; Picture Perfect; VSA arts/ John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; WESTAF/ TourWest.


An Annual Celebration of International
Contemporary Dance

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February 26 thru March 28, 2009

N4th Theater, 4904 4th NW

Tickets: $15 general; $10 seniors/students; Films: $5 general

Reservations/Info: 505-344-4542

It may seem presumptuous for a small dance festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico to explore the entire globe through dance and dance film. However that is exactly what Global DanceFest has been doing in its own modest way since 2001. In that first Global DanceFest (GDF), dancers from Canada, France, Burkina Faso and the U.S. opened a New Mexico window onto the world of contemporary dance. GDF has continued that tradition and, as a result, artists from around the world have graced Albuquerque stages, captivating New Mexicans and visitors alike. Global DanceFest offers our community access to art that is being created NOW—not folk art or high art—but the new dance art of contemporary artists.

You are invited to a special GDF Welcome Party & the World Premiere of Anne Between Glue and Green by Granhøj Dans on Thursday, February 26, for a Complimentary 7pm Dinner and 8pm Performance at N4th Theater. By RSVP only. Call 505-344-4542.

WEEK ONE • Granhøj Dans (DENMARK)

members of Granhøj Dans

Thur, February 26
Welcome Party & World Premiere Anne Between Blue and Green Complimentary Dinner • 7pm & Performance • 8pm • RSVPs only! 505-344-4542

Fri, February 27 • 8pm Obstrucsong

Sat, February 28 • 8pm Obstrucsong

Due to technical complexity of the staging, the following performances have been switched as follows:

Sun, March 1 • 2pm Obstrucsong • 6pm Anne Between Blue and Green

Granhoj Dans, based in Aarhus, Denmark, is an internationally recognized dance company performing the works of artistic director and choreographer Palle Granhoj and visual designer Per Victor. During the past 15 years Granhoj Dans has produced 20 performances, created dance videos, site specific works and toured more than 29 countries.

WEEK TWO • Gunilla Heilborn (SWEDEN)

Gunilla Heilborn on stage

Fri, March 6 • 8pm Potato Country

Sat, March 7 • 8pm Potato Country

Sun, March 8 • 2pm Gunilla Heilborn films The Lodge, Rewind and What you do

Gunilla Heilborn was choreographer in residence at The House of Dance in Stockholm throughout 2007. Her latest piece is a musical called Potatislandet or Potato Country. Heilborn has a large body of work behind her, ranging from film making to performance art and choreography. In 2007 she won the Swedish film award in the category “Best short movie” for her dance film piece, What you do.Potato Country won an award for the best theater performance in Stockholm the same year from the magazine Nojesguiden. During the dance platform in Stockholm in December 2007 Potato Country was one of the performances that received the most international invitations.

WEEK THREE • Hooman Sharifi / Impure Company (NORWAY)

Hooman Sharifi and Impure Company

Fri, March 13 • 8pm God exists, the Mother is present but they no longer care

Sat, March 14 • 8pm God exists...

The choreographer and dancer Hooman Sharifi (1973) is a Norwegian, born in Iran, from where he was smuggled at the age of 14. Following a stopover in Beirut he finally ended up all alone in Norway. He became interested in dance through hip-hop and street-jazz. Sharifi studied classical and modern dance and in 2000 graduated as a choreographer from the National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo. Since then he has created a whole series of performances with his own Impure Company.


Yossi Berg & Oded Graf dancing

Thurs, March 19 • 8pm Heroes

Fri, March 20 • 8pm Heroes

Any question of why two artists from Israel should represent Denmark in GDF is easily answered. Oded Graf was originally invited to work with a Danish choreographer in 2003 and later won three “Dansolution” competitions by himself and with Yossi Berg who joined him in 2005. Emphasizing how intimately we all are connected whatever our particular global neighborhood is a big part of GDF; these artists epitomize the term ‘global.’ Graf and Berg focus on quality as evidenced in the dances, their teaching and cultural contributions to Denmark and to Israel and their thoughtful roles as ‘world citizens.’

SAT & SUN • Alan Lucien Øyen / Winter Guests (NORWAY)

Alan Lucien Øyen performing

Sat, March 21 • 8pm Excerpt of Citation Without Context; Screened Out

Sun, March 22 • 2pm Excerpts... ; Screened Out

Alan Lucien Øyen was born 1978 in Bergen, Norway where he studied ballet from the age of 17. Øyen graduated as a dancer from the State School for Dance in Oslo, Norway in 2001 and was granted a one-year apprenticeship with Carte Blanche - the Norwegian National Company for Contemporary dance and spent two months as a guest/apprentice with Amanda Miller’s Pretty Ugly Dance Company in Freiburg, Germany. The artist was contracted as a full time dancer with Carte Blanche and worked there until 2005 when he left to join Pretty Ugly Dance Company.

WEEK FIVE • Jo Strømgren Kompani (NORWAY, GREENLAND)

Jo Strømgren Kompani

Fri, March 27 • 8pm Polaroid

Sat, March 28 • 8pm Polaroid

Jo Strømgren was born in 1970 and spent most of his early years skiing and playing football. He was intoxicated by American dance movies in the eighties and started dancing jazz ballet. He got rid of his illusions rather quickly and moved on to classical ballet and contemporary dance, entering the National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo at the age of 20. After four years studying Classical Ballet and Choreography, Stromgren was engaged by Carte Blanche Dance Company in Bergen both as a dancer and choreographer. He stayed there for three years getting the professional base for all later activity. Jo Strømgren Kompani was established in 1998.