Fifth Annual Festival of Local and Regional Contemporary Dance



Choreographed by Jacqueline Garcia

June 4, 5, 2010
Friday & Saturday 8pm

Four interrelated episodes about neglected relationships, childhood dreams and inner beings


Choreographed by Jodi Lomask, Performed by Capacitor of San Francisco

June 11, 12, 2010
Friday & Saturday 8pm

Stunning, mindful, confounding… human, technical, cultural evolution come to dance

Visit the Capacitor website

JOURNEY Choreographed and Performed by Vladimir Conde Reche, Donna Jewell and Others

June 18, 19, 2010
Friday & Saturday, 8pm


ON TURNING 70 with Bill Evans
Choreographed by Daniel Nagrin, Claire Porter and others, Performed by Bill Evans

June 25, 26, 2010
Friday & Saturday, 8pm

A gala retrospective from New Mexico’s favorite “dancing son”





Fourth Annual Festival of Local and Regional Contemporary Dance

Fridays & Saturdays June 5 - June 20, 8:00 pm

Three weekends of contemporary dance featuring work by five companies from New Mexico and California.

All performances held at N4th Theater, 4904 4th NW, Albuquerque 87107

General Admission, $12, Students/Seniors, $8

Schedule for Wild Dancing West 2009:


Ecotone Physical Theatre (Albuquerque)


Ecotone; Photo by Pat Berrett

Friday June 5 & Saturday June 6, 8:00 pm

Ecotone Physical Theatre performs Song Cycle, an evening of highly improvised dance theater, combining music, song, dance, video and computer technology to create a performance that ranges from abstract to comic to many points in between. The performance features live collaborations with performers in Istanbul and Paris. www.ecotonephysicaltheatre.com


Friday June 12 & Saturday June 13, 8:00 pm


Melissa Briggs (Santa Fe)

Woman lying face-down on grass with the numbers 1 and 3 painted on the soles of her feet

Photo by Melissa Briggs

Thirteen, a dance comprised of six vignettes, tells the haunting story of five women struggling to push past their histories and through their everyday lives. These dark, scruffy characters are running from pain, past mistakes, and a deep sense of living under a curse. Despite these plagues, they strive to make connection, hoping their efforts will plant the seeds for a new and different fate. Choreography and direction by Melissa Briggs, a former New Yorker with performances at PS 122, Joyce SoHo, The Flea Theater, Movement Research at the Judson Church, and Dixon Place.

Vladimir Conde Reche (Albuquerque)

ballet dancer

Vladimir Conde Reche

“There is always more beyond what we see.” B-sides is performed by six dancers to violin and piano sonatas by Beethoven. A new piece by Vladimir Conde Reche, whose interest in dance bridges ballet and modern and whose experience in performance spans continents.

PTERO Dance (Los Angeles)

two dancers

PTERO Dance; photo Sylvia Spross

The award winning Los Angeles based PTERO Dance Theatre will present critically acclaimed repertory from 2004-2009. www.pterodance.org


Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project (Los Angeles)


Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project, photo Steven A. Gunther

Friday June 19 & Saturday June 20, 8:00 pm

Merging West African and contemporary dance with live percussion and vocals, this transnational company creates pulsing, rhythmic and physically powerful dance theatre. Baker Tarpaga Dance Project opens with the solo, ARBRE D’ADAPTATION/ ADAPTIVE TREE followed by SIRA KAN/ON THE ROAD a piece performed by three dancer-musicians. Sira Kan layers movement, music, and personal oral histories as it journeys through the physical dangers and political realities of three West African men seeking new opportunities across borders. Directed by Olivier Tarpaga, Wilfried Souly and Esther Baker-Tarpaga. www.btdanceproject.com

For reservations / information call (505) 344-4542


Third Annual Festival of Local and Regional Contemporary Dance

Fridays & Saturdays May 30 - June 14

Three weekends of contemporary dance featuring work by six companies from New Mexico and California.

Performances take place in Albuquerque at N4th Theater (4904 4th NW, near the corner of 4th and Griegos) and CAKE (4011 Silver SE, between Montclaire and Morningside).

Schedule for Wild Dancing West 2008:


Ecotone: photo by Pat Berrett

Ecotone; photo by Pat Berrett

Friday May 30 & Saturday May 31, N4th Theater, 6:30 pm

Ecotone Physical Theatre (Albuquerque)

Ecotone Physical Theatre presents Voodoo Cabaret, an evening of improvised performance of dance, theatre, video and music. Voodoo Cabaret is a fully improvised dance theatre work about borders and borderlands, using contemporary dance technique and theatrical elements blended with a live electronic and acoustic soundscape. Each performance is entirely unique, fully improvised from start to finish. It is a fusion of spontaneous expressions using gestures, sounds, comical props and words, unwieldy technology and audience participation. It veers from the abstract to the comic to the mysterious and back with wild unpredictability as every moment on stage is created anew. Voodoo Cabaret features Donna Jewell, Kevin Paul, Lisa Nevada, Jessica Searer as well as two guest performers, dancer/actor Susan Skeele and musician Bill Clark. Lighting design is by Luke Olson.

Dancing at White Sands, NM

Readymade Dance Theater Company; photo by Zsolt Palcza

Friday May 30 & Saturday May 31, CAKE (4011 Silver SE, one block south of Central between Montclaire & Morningside), 8:00 pm. Seating is limited.

Readymade Dance Theater Company (Albuquerque)

PURE, a new work by Readymade Dance Theater Company (RDTC) Director Zsolt Palcza, is an examination of our most basic human aspirations, dreams, and desires. Three female performers confess their personal intentions within the safety of a 16 x 20-foot white box. Delicate, dream-like imagery is projected on the walls while the women dance, hang like fruit and fall to the ground. A haunting medley of brass, string, and vocals by Balkan composer Goran Bregovic accompanies this contemporary dance theater piece. PURE premieres as part of the Wild Dancing West Festival at CAKE (RDTC’s home studio) and will travel to New York City’s Performance Space 122 in July 2008. Performers include Jenny Hipscher, Sarah Wright and Dana Ten Broeck. Long-time collaborator Gordon Kennedy creates atmospheric effects with non-traditional theater lights.



Xdrop; photo by Randy Janson

Friday June 6 & Saturday June 7, N4th Theater, 6:30 pm

Xdrop (San Francisco)

Liliana Cattaneo and Sarah Keeney of Xdrop articulate their perception of existence and being human through a carefully choreographed dance performance entitled, So Human An Animal, which debuted in San Francisco on February 8, 2008 at Shotwell Studios in the Mission district. The themes that run throughout the performance include self-awareness, expectations, love, war, and perseverance. Like poetry, So Human An Animal has various interpretations, but to the naked eye demonstrates creative imagery with eye catching movements and the use of everyday props such as a trash can, balloons, and rope. So Human An Animal captures the beautiful, the grotesque, and proves that love and understanding is essential to human relationships. A music soundtrack featuring artists such as the Wild Colonials, Explosions in the Sky and Tool. Ultimately, Xdrop illustrates through dance the evolution of the self, culminating with an enlightenment that grabs hold of the viewer to allow retrospection and the ability to grapple with a new understanding of being.

website: www.xdrop.org


Jacqueline Garcia’s LOTUS; photo by Travis

Friday June 6 & Saturday June 7, N4th Theater, 8:00 pm

Jacqueline M. Garcia (Albuquerque)

The lotus flower or padma is a symbol for enlightenment and transformation in many eastern cultures. Choreographer Jacqueline Garcia’s newest work, OM TARE, examines the journey we all take to awaken, transform, and emerge. We follow the dancers across this symbolic ocean of existence, as each moment becomes a wave of creation, transformation, and destruction. At its core, the work reveals both the inner beauty and darkness of our personal experiences, awakenings, and relationships within this world of constant flux. Musical accompaniment for OM TARE embodies an Eastern aesthetic in its many forms. Samples include symphonic compositions, chanting, electronic sound fusions, and traditional instruments such as Japanese flutes, Tibetan cymbals, and ceremonial horns. The work premiers at Wild Dancing West and is performed by Jacqueline A. De Lora, Zoe Hunter, Michelle Posey, Haydee Renteria and Margaret West. Jacqueline Garcia will also premiere a new piece at Contemporary Dance Theater’s 35th Anniversary Choreographer’s Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, in June 2008.


Put Attention

Put Attention Dance Collective; photo by Kyrsen Sanderson

Friday June 13 & Saturday June 14, N4th Theater, 6:30 pm

PutAttention Dance Collective (Albuquerque)

PutAttention Dance Collective is celebrating their fourth year in Albuquerque as a contemporary dance company. PutAttention will be premiering an evening length work titled, Affect, at Wild Dancing West. Affect combines the worlds of video art and live dance performance in an exploration of four young women finding each other in a collective space. The collaborating members of this new work include Kelly Fergusson, Allison Hankins, Lisa Nevada, Kyrsten Sanderson, and Jessica Searer.

Deirdre Morris; photo by Kate Russell

Diedre Morris

Friday June 13 & Saturday June 14, N4th Theater, 8:00 pm

Deirdre Morris (Santa Fe)

Ashes: The Alchemy of Hope is a multi-media performance involving improvised and metamorphic movement, film, shadow puppetry and live music. It is a collection of artists and styles drawn together by director/choreographer Deirdre Morris in collaboration with members of High Mayhem, Wise Fool New Mexico, Synchronicity Pictures, Puppet Meat Market and the audience. This is a piece about reconnection, recognition and reflection. In an attempt to address these pervasive issues Deirdre has chosen to explore the discordant world of one woman and her journey to hope. The work is about Hope, a laundress who dreams that the ignorance, apathy and negative deeds found in the world can be appeased if we can just learn how to connect with one another and the world ever present around us. Through the meditative act of “washing” she discovers a profound ability to connect to the “others” of her world who have been made separate by her fear. Through her willingness to step into the dark Hope discovers her namesake.
Tickets for full evening of performances (no partial evening discounts) $12 general admission; $8 students/seniors. For ticket reservations and festival information call (505) 344-4542.

Wild Dancing West 2008 is Co-Presented by NewArt New Mexico and VSA North Fourth Art Center


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