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GROWTH (detail), photo by Christopher MacQueen

Original Lithographs (detail); LtoR by James Kreitinger, Jesse Cruz, Stephanie Barbour


November 20, 2015 – January 4, 2016
N4th Gallery

Free Admission

Opening Reception
Friday, December 4, 2015
5pm - 6:30pm

This exhibition was curated by Tamarind Institute and features a series of original lithographs created by VSA Artists in a collaborative project of VSA North Fourth Art Center and the internationally renowned Tamarind Institute.

Printervention took place during two weeks in May 2015, and involved designs by ten VSA artists (Leon Baca, Stephanie Barbour, Jamy Cantrell, Christina Caraveo, Jesse Cruz, James Kreitinger Esteban Lujan, Mariah Maestas, Jessica Pinto and Adam Smith), assisted by seven students from the Tamarind Institute’s Professional Printer Training Program, who then processed and printed the lithography plates at Tamarind.

Each of the 10 plates included four designs, printed in an edition of 25 impressions. The resulting one thousand lithographs were brought back to VSA/ North Fourth Art Center and all the Day Arts and Exploratory Arts classes participated in hand coloring them.

The collaboration culminated in two community interventions, which were held at the Robinson Park Growers Market on May 16, and July 25, 2015. These “Printerventions” involved disseminating free original lithographs to passersby with information about VSA and Tamarind and were very successful in engaging public interest and raising awareness about the two long standing Albuquerque arts organizations.