Two Worlds 2008 - A festival of Native American Theater and Film

Photographs by Native American Youth, August 8-31
Opening Reception • Fri, August 8, 6-8 pm,
N4th Gallery, 4904 4th NW

Friday and Saturday, August 15-16 and 22-23

One weekend of new plays and a second weekend of short and feature-length movies. Festival events are at North Fourth Art Center, 4904 Fourth St. N.W

Tales of Two Worlds

The theme of the Two Worlds festival is rooted in the struggle faced by many in the American Indian community – modern modes vs. traditional ways, urban life vs. life on the reservation, the earthly vs. the spiritual.

Theater Weekend, Aug. 15-16

Following a nationwide call for new plays reflecting the Two Worlds theme, three will be selected for staged readings at the festival. The writers of these plays will be brought to Albuquerque a week prior to the performances so that they can workshop the scripts with a mentor, who will assist in revising, refining and preparing the works for the readings.The play that is best received will be fully produced at the 2009 Two Worlds festival.

$5 per performance • $12 for all three in N4th Theater.

Film Weekend, Aug. 22-23

Both short and feature-length movies by Native Americans fill out the festival’s second weekend. A vital part of this weekend is a 10-minute movie, based on the festival theme, written, filmed and edited by members of New Mexico’s Native community with the assistance of a professional mentor and high-tech digital equipment.

$5 per day

Creative Spirit

Two Worlds grew out of an idea by James Lujan, a playwright and filmmaker from Taos Pueblo and the author of the plays “Kino & Teresa” and “Midnight Society,” both of which were produced at the N4th Theater/ VSA North Fourth Art Center. Lujan wants Native Americans to use the stage and screen to take command of the stories of their people. He founded Creative Spirit New Mexico, a film production and training initiative of the North Fourth Art Center, in an effort to train Native Americans in skills that could lead to jobs in New Mexico’s growing film industry and could also help tribal communities produce films and videos that preserve and promote their own stories, culture and industries.

North Fourth and the Native American Community

North Fourth’s Two Worlds festival is the latest in a series of activities aimed at encouraging and promoting the creative efforts of the American Indian Community. Others include:

  • A 2005 youth camp that used natural settings for interactive art projects.
  • A 2006 theater production in which professionals worked with young participants in the writing and production of a play set at Acoma Pueblo.
  • A 2007 Native American Community Academy (NACA) photography project that was exhibited at the N4th Gallery and the Harwood Art Center.
  • An upcoming poetry and photography workshop at NACA that will evolve into a book published by the young participants.